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Did Conway The Machine Just Become Public Enemy #1 Exposing The GateKeepers In Radio?!

Conway The Machine is sick of New York’s DJ’s. The Griselda co-founder took to Instagram Live to air his grievances against Funk Flex and other Big Apple DJ’s for what he believes is out-of-touch gatekeeping.

“New York, in my opinion, man you gotta get them old n-ggas up out the way like Flex and them n-ggas man,” The Buffalo-bred lyricist said to his fans tuning in. “You know what I mean? Them gatekeepers that you got up there man that’s trying to dictate like who, you know what I’m saying? Like c’mon bruh. Good thing I don’t need y’all n-ggas cause if I needed y’all n-ggas y’all n-ggas would be fake stifling my groove.”

He continued by calling out DJ Suss One for his appearance on the Wendy Williams show last year, where he listed Conway as one of his top 5 MCs despite the controversial talk show host not knowing who he was.

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