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Faizon Love Gets REAL On Orlando Brown! "If He Was A Woman Saying That The Dudes Would Be In JAIL!"

Faizon Love sits down with the HHU Podcast and speaks on Orlando Brown claiming he had and intimate relationship with Diddy. During an assessment on Chris Brown‘s career, namely the commercial performance of the R&B bad boy’s latest album ‘Breezy,’ Orlando trailed off to discuss an alleged sexual encounter with Diddy.

“Diddy you gave me that oosh gosh muash,” he started at the 4-minute mark. “I loved it though.”

The praise session over the alleged oral interaction lasted for nearly a minute as the ‘That’s So Raven’ star licked his lips and stared seductively into the camera.

Unfazed by the outburst, the interviewer moseyed back onto the topic of music while Orlando collected himself.

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