Home hip hop scenes Heartbreaking Loss After 9 Year Old Passes Away From Astro World Injuries!

Heartbreaking Loss After 9 Year Old Passes Away From Astro World Injuries!

Today in Hip Hop News The 9-year-old who was on life support for days after he was injured at Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival has died, according to his family.Treston held Ezra high on his shoulders as the countdown began to Scott’s performance at NRG Park on Nov. 5. The pair stayed toward the back of the crowd because Treston said he thought it would be calmer. But as soon as Travis Scott took the stage, he said that’s when people started pushing.

Treston lost consciousness and Ezra fell to the ground. At the mercy of concertgoers, the 9-year-old was trampled.

When Treston regained consciousness, he could not find his son anywhere. He rushed to on-site medic tents, as well as several hospitals. After filing a police report, he later received a message from an officer that included a picture of Ezra.

When he got to the hospital, Treston learned Ezra’s major organs had been damaged, his brain was swollen, and he was on life support.
Ezra Blount passed away Sunday, his family told ABC13.

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