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Is The Game CRYING For Attention After Wack 100 Announced A News Diss Recored Against Eminem!?

Wack was asked to confirm if it was a target toward Em, which he did, stating that the legendary rapper would want to respond and citing that The Game had no boundaries in his diss because Eminem is comfortable dissing his mother and the mother of his children.

In March, The Game’s appearance on Drink Champs had all of Hip-Hop going crazy. Speaking with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, the Compton legend had a lot to get off his chest. One of those statements was directed toward Eminem, who he wants to see in a V.E.R.Z.U.Z. battle.

The Game honored Eminem as one of the great MCs before he would take the chance to boost himself, “I used to think Eminem was better than me.” After N.O.R.E. as The Game to expound, he let off a confident statement: “He’s not.”

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