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Jayz Makes A SHOCKING Admission On What HAUNTS Him Till This Day!

Jay-Z took to Twitter on Sunday to reveal how he feels about his 1997 album In My Lifetime, Vol. 1.

Hov’s rare insight on his second studio album was prompted by a tweet from Questlove, who quote-tweeted a fan that argued the LP’s lead single “(Always Be My) Sunshine” is better than people remember.

“Our main argument is his hate for Vol 1,” Questlove wrote. “He is embarrassed for trying to make a monster & not putting numbers up. But ALOT of this lp contains his best moments. Fight me @sc.”

Jay-Z subsequently offered his thoughts on the album, writing, “Agreed. More so, I know what could have been, so it haunts me. Streets is watching was the first song made!”

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