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Jayz Weighs In On Kanye West Calling Just Blaze A CopyCat!

Earlier today, JAY-Z joined Jeymes Samuel, Regina King, Twitter head honcho Jack Dorsey, a wealth of journalists, and more for a live chat in promotion of the Netflix film The Harder They Fall. It was during this conversation when the topic of Kanye and the aforementioned interview was brought up, and Hov decided to speak on the matter at hand:

“Yea, um, N.O.R.E. sent me a piece and … I’ve seen a couple of pieces. I think, you know, again, everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone sees things through their own lens. Some of it could be true, some of it may not be true. But that’s the lens that you see it through.”
Hov continued to speak on West’s Just Blaze diss specifically:

“If you’re making an album, if you’re creating an album and the assignment is soul samples, everyone’s coming with soul. It’s not you trying to make a cohesive piece of music. I don’t think anyone was copying off anyone … the baby was The Blueprint and I think everyone should be prized for what we created.”

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