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Jim Jones DEMANDS All The SMOKE With JadaKiss!

Today in Hip Hop News Jim Jones speaks exclusively to Hip Hop Dx about the legendary battle with dipset vs The Lox and how Jadakiss took over that epic night. Jim Jones claims he now wants all the smoke with Jadakiss! “I would want to have a Verzuz with Jada. Solo,” he said with a smile. “He has to deal with me on my terms. He better be prepared. When it comes to a top three, I don’t really have a list. I just got real smoke with Jada.”

He added, “I don’t like how he did that [laughs]. I want total smoke with him. Anybody else is welcome, and if the setting is New York, I feel like I can hang with whoever. I got some New York shit, the city. I got that.”

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