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Kanye West Surprises Just Blaze With Disrespectful Comment On Drink Champs!! Just Blaze Responds!

Many have been talking about his comments about Drake and Big Sean, but another comment about another famous producer of the Roc-A-Fella era – producer Just Blaze also caught some attention from the internet.

“Just Blaze is a copycat,” he said. “He gets credit for The Blueprint. I did the first half, he just copied me on the second half.”

The famous producer went on Instagram to address his comments in a long post.

“None of what was said tonight regarding me fits with any of our history or our previous interactions – particularly in light of very recent attempts to work together again,” he wrote. “Through recent years he has reached out to collaborate on various projects, including a much rumored collaborative project that he was looking for me to handle a good amount of. It unfortunately never saw the light of day due to reasons unrelated to me.”

He also spoke on a the accusations of being a “copycat.”

“Respectfully, I’m happy for him and the fact that he has succeeded in the ways he wanted to, but not everyone wants to be where he is. Everyone’s definition of personal success is a bit different. I’m quite happy where I am creatively, with my family, and my life in general. We were a part of history together and I wish him well and continued success.

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