Home hip hop scenes Rappers React To FN Meka..

Rappers React To FN Meka..

Rappers React To FN Meka..

AI is taking over the world. While it has become commonplace to see AI make predictions and undertake some tasks, we can’t imagine that many rappers thought augmented reality bots would soon be coming to take their jobs. With Capitol Records deciding to sign the first AI rapper and the most popular virtual personality on Tik Tok, FN Meka, that possibility is now staring rappers in the face, and they aren’t taking it lying down. Keep watching till the end of this video to see Rappers React To FN Meka.. Trust me; you don’t want to miss this!

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– This Virtual Rapper Is Weirdly Racist

– This Robot is being CANCELED for saying this… | #shorts

– This Is An Abomination

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