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Reggie Wright Jr On The LEAKED Audio Of Wack 100 GOIN IN On Nipsey! "Wack Got CAUGHT UP!"

Reggie Wright Jr. sits down with the HHU Podcast Campbell

Wack 100 has landed himself in the middle of yet another controversy. Hassan Campbell, a podcast presenter, played audio of the veteran music manager talking about a sex tape purportedly involving the late Nipsey Hussle, another man, and the mother of Nip’s son Lauren London. This is all alleged and coming from Wack 100, that being said, people are not happy about this.
Campbell claims he only learned about the tape after overhearing Nipsey’s former manager Big U and Wack 100 discussing it on a three-way call. Wack 100 allegedly told Campbell not to let Big U know he was on the call, so he remained silent. What Campbell overheard was an alleged conspiracy to extort Lauren London.

Wack 100 alleged on the recording that Nipsey was “f*ckin’ with a n****a” and claimed he was “saving his career.” He added, “Yeah, he paying a n*** to f*ck his baby mama with him.” Comments flooded in after the video went viral. Many fans were slamming Wack 100 for leveling such accusations.

“Let Nip Rest Peacefully!!! Wack is super wack for this!!!” one user wrote, while another said. “You just don’t speak on the dead in this way. This is VERY tasteless.” Someone also referred to him as the “6ix9ine of old n****,” implying that they have similar characteristics when it comes to speaking to the dead.

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