The Powers That Be NOW Want Dave Chappelle's DOME On A STICK For His SNL Monolouge!

No one walks a rhetorical tightrope as deftly as Dave Chappelle.

That thought nagged at me while watching Chappelle’s widely-anticipated appearance last night on Saturday Night Live, where his guest-hosting stints after major electoral events have become something of a tradition.

But Chappelle didn’t devote much of his monologue to the midterm elections, even though news had broken earlier in the day that Democrats had defied expectations to likely retain control of the Senate. He spent more time talking about Kanye West and antisemitism.

“Early in my career, I learned there are two words you should never say together,” Chappelle noted during his opening monologue. “Those words are…’the’ and ‘Jews.’ Never heard someone do good after they said that.”

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