Home hip hop scenes Wack 100 Throws UTTER DISRECPECT On Master P's Name!

Wack 100 Throws UTTER DISRECPECT On Master P's Name!

Wack 100 went in on Master P claiming the No Limit legend is close to being broke and no longer owns his master recordings.

Wack 100 has spilled some unconfirmed tea in the latest discussion on Clubhouse. The manager/ host has made solid claims against Master P, telling cohosts and others on the call that the rapper is practically broke. During the conversations, Wack claimed that 54-year-old Master P does not own his masters and has nowhere near the money he used to have.

“Why you say that n***a Master P broke?” one person on the call asked.

“He is,” Wack said strongly. He added, “Let me get candid. First of all, he don’t own his masters, they took them 18 years ago.”

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