War On White Women With Wrinkles – CANDACE OWENS on BOTOXGATE

Conservative commentator Candace Owens ignited a social media firestorm when she asked men to weigh in on their opinion of women’s use of Botox and fillers to enhance their lips.
“I have a close friend that gets Botox that said, ‘Candace, you are launching a war on us White women, how dare you. This is what we have to do,’” Owens recalled.
“Botox” made it to the Twitter trending list on Monday after Owens requested “male opinions only” on the topic of injections as part of her research for a project she is working on about “social media mutating people’s appetites.”
While several men weighed in on their preferences, Owens’ tweet appeared to hit a nerve with some women online.
“I was very surprised I landed myself in a puddle of uh-oh,” Owens said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday, dubbing the fallout “Botoxgate.”

“Serious question for men: Do you think that the Botox/Filler, fake lips look is attractive?” Owens’ tweet read. “Do you envision long term relationships with girls that look that way? Male opinions only, please. Working on a show about social media mutating our appetites.”

Owens told Carlson that while she personally does not use Botox or fillers cosmetically, she is “not against people” who choose to use injections to enhance their features.

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