We Must Protect Chamillionaire At ALL COST After Exposing How He BROKE FREE From The Powers That Be!

According to ASQ, auditing inspects one’s or an organization’s account to ensure everything complies. Chamillionaire hired Jay-Z’s auditor.

“This guy went and said, ‘I’ll do it for…I’m not going to charge you upfront; I’m going to take a piece,” Chamillionaire explained. “So, he goes, and he finds over $600,000 that the label hid from me.”

The rapper didn’t realize that his peers in the music industry had no idea about it. He also thought that chart-topping songs at no. 1 were because the song was good, but he discovered artists had to pay for their songs to hit no.

“I started looking at the music industry differently and all of my peers…I started focusing more on equity,” he said. “I wasn’t the guy trying to chase a piece of a show that somebody’s gonna pay me $10,000 to do. I wanted to get a piece of the actual thing that was holding these build up.”

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