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Young Thug Makes SHOCKING Admission That He Thought About TAKING Himself OUT!

Amid the ongoing RICO case against Young Thug and his YSL affiliates, signee (and nephew) BSlime took to social media on Thursday to share a video in which he spoke with the Atlanta rapper over the phone.

The clip includes a jail freestyle from Thugger, who rapped about seeking forgiveness from God as he sits behind bars on RICO charges, as well as looking forward to reuniting with his family and friends.

β€œI’m just sitting here in my cell like, β€˜Damn, I’m really in jail’/God, give me another chance to show you I can prevail/I could put my arms from wall to wall inside this tiny-ass cell,” Thug rapped.

Elsewhere in the acapella verse, Thug admitted to having suicidal thoughts. β€œI tried to cry but ain’t nothing left/I contemplated doing myself, n***a/The most suicide deaths are in this jail/But let’s not forget that this ain’t hell.”

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