Adam22 on Nicki Minaj Accusing Cardi B of Having Ghostwiters when She Does Too (Part 12)

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In this clip, DJ Vlad and Adam22 talk about Gillie Da Kid’s claim about ghostwriting for Lil Wayne. This prompts a discussion about whether or not Drake’s legacy has been affected by the Quentin Miller ghostwriting rumors over the years. As the interview moves along, DJ Vlad openly admits that he doesn’t always come up with his own interview questions for VladTV. From there, Adam22 talks about some of the intricacies involved with assigning different duties to various employees so that he can be more efficient in creating content for his platform, “No Jumper.” In response, DJ Vlad does the same. Lastly, Adam22 shares his vision about where he hopes his company will be in the future.

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