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AJ Johnson on Being a Life Coach for Beyoncé, Gabrielle Union & Viola Davis (Part 14)

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Part 13: https://youtu.be/eQOhEUHwDAI
Part 1: https://youtu.be/3sU8AZ79Vm8
In this clip, AJ Johnson opened up about becoming a life coach after losing happiness in Hollywood, despite being successful. AJ explained that her father saw the change in her before she did, and she added that it took her until after her father passed away to realize she wasn’t living her truth. From there, AJ started thinking about the things that made her truly happy, like having a dog and her friends. She then made changes in her life, which others saw and what led her to becoming a life coach.

Later, she shares the inspiration behind her trip to Africa and the way in which the experience completely reshaped her outlook on life. She said that since her trip to Africa, she has taken a philanthropic approach to working in the country. This eventually led her to create a duplicate retreat of her first trip to Africa, so that her friends and family could share in the joy that she experienced in Uganda, on a yearly basis. She said that her annual retreats are also open to the public.

Lastly, AJ Johnson and Shawn Prez both dispel the notion that Africa is not modernized. Instead, they give personal accounts of how beautiful the continent is, sighting its restaurants, tall buildings, beaches, and more.

Interview by Shawn Prez
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