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Angela Means on Getting 'Felicia' Role in 'Friday', "Bye Felicia" Wasn't in the Script (Flashback)

In this flashback, Angela Means started off speaking about being extremely hungover on a flight from Atlanta to L.A., and she explained that she was writing down her goals, including wanting to play an interesting character. She then revealed that she knew Felicia was the perfect character that she had been looking for, and Angela reacted to the big divide between Felicia and Veda on “House Party 3.” Angela then explained how the hair and style team on the set of “Friday” came together with her look, and she went on to speak about her famous scenes in the movie. Angela also revealed that director F. Gary Gray didn’t buy the first look that hair and makeup did, and she went on to speak about how she cried when she saw the black eye for the movie. When it comes to the “Bye, Felicia” line, Angela said that F. Gary Gray came up with it, and she went on to speak about other lines that were made up for the movie.

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