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Anthony Raimondi on Killing a Man at 16, Shooting Him in the Head 13 Times (Part 3)

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Part 2: https://youtu.be/blZYZkdEqNk
Part 1: https://youtu.be/Z8kQ2E_2Rhs
In this clip, Anthony Raimondi spoke about hanging out at the Colombo family spot, the Diplomat Lounge, when he was just 12. He added that the associates would talk openly in front of him because of who his father was, and Anthony went on to speak about Colombo boss Joe Colombo giving him his first job at 14. By the time he was 16, Anthony was being given more jobs and bringing in thousands a day. Around the same time, Anthony had a run-in with a guy named Salley Burns, who walked in and pistol whipped Anthony after finding out he was taking the bets at the club. Anthony then spoke about coming up with a plan to scare Sally Burns after getting out of the hospital, and he killed him during a confrontation. To hear more, including how he wasn’t phased after the incident, hit the above clip.

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