Aries Spears & Vlad Argue Over Kanye Paying $200K a Month in Child Support (Part 5)

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In this clip, Aries Spears continued to speak about Kanye, including a judge ruling on a $200,000 a month child support payment in Kanye and Kim’s divorce. Aries questioned how the money is going to be used on their kids, which led to a debate about child support for wealthy people. Vlad argued that your kids should have a similar lifestyle as you, and Aries said that if he had Kanye’s money, $200,000 a month is ridiculous. Aries then added that Kim doesn’t need child support, and Vlad pointed out that Kim has full custody of their children. The debate continued, with Aries questioning why Kanye should even pay child support if she’s a billionaire.

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