ATL Jacob on Future Being Poster Boy for Toxic Relationships: Future Helps Break-Ups (Part 6)

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In this clip, ATL Jacob continued to speak about working on Future’s “I Never Liked You” album, and he shared a story about the track “Massaging Me.” Jacob explained that he was at the studio with girls, and Future walked in turned up, and he revealed that Future recorded the song while getting a massage. When asked about Future being the poster boy for toxic relationships, and ATL Jacob stated, “Future helps every break up.” Jacob then explained that the way he deals with women is the same way he’s thought since he was in high school, and he added that he treats women like a dream. Vlad then asked about his three children, ATL Jacob reveals that they’re with two women, and he added that he “needs a wife.” ATL Jacob went on to speak about working on “Keep it Burnin” with Kanye, and Jacob revealed that they originally wanted Kanye and Drake on “Wait for U.”

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