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Awich on Her Husband Shot & Killed Over Street Beef After Getting Shot 1 Month Prior (Part 3)

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Part 2: https://youtu.be/L7TsYqetwf4
Part 1: https://youtu.be/f5kTTYY4pAI
In this clip, Awich shares the tragic story of her husband getting fatally shot and the events leading up to the phone call that she got from his mother about the news. The queen of Japanese hip-hop shares that she learned the news of her husband’s death, while she was in Japan and her daughter was back in the states with her mother-in-law. As the conversation continues, Awich recounts a separate incident when someone shot up the home that she was living in with her husband and their newborn daughter inside. But luckily they survived that day. Awich also states that in wake of her late husband’s death, writing music helped her get through the hard times.

She then shares some advice that her father gave her, upon her return to Okinawa, about overcoming tragedy because everyone that is living in that region of Japan lost people who they loved through WWII. She says that the advice motivated her to come up out of her depression and make music again. Awich would go on to create a brand new company and her music would begin to take off in Tokyo Japan. Later in the discussion, Awich talks about the events leading up to the creation of a song called “Crime” and the producer named Chaki Zulu who made it all happen. She also talks about the making of one of her biggest hits “WHORU” featuring Anarchy.

Interview by: Shirley Ju

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