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B-Lovee Talks Starting The Bronx Sample Drill Wave, Kay Flock, Dougie B, Having Huge Fanbase In UK

B-Lovee “Off The Porch” Interview

Last week we sat down with buzzing New York rapper B-Lovee for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation he talked about life in The Bronx, growing up in the projects, playing sports before doing music, dropping out in the 9th grade, jumping off the porch when he was 10, making regular music before drill music when he first started 5 years ago, coming back to making music 2 years ago, his first music video “No Hook”, explains how he linked with Dougie B & Kay Flock, not knowing how to monetize their music at first, “Shot Down” with Kay Flock blowing up, the creative process for “Brotherly Love”, the song blowing up immediately, all 3 of their music careers taking off at the same time, still living in the projects after he signed his deal, adjusting to fame, explains his creative process, the samples being used in his music, having a huge fanbase in the UK, explains how he deals with the hate online, his new EP ‘Misunderstood’, his breakthrough single “IYKYK”, being the first one in the Bronx to put samples in drill music, his inspiration for his song “My Everything”, the song getting leaked, collabing with G Herbo & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, plans to work on his next album, wanting to be versatile in his music, shares ad update on Kay Flock, Cardi B supporting their movement, wanting to get into acting, and much more!


Interview by Haze

DGB Media

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