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Bankroll Freddie Speaks On Young Dolph, Jail Humbling Him, From Trap To Rap, Lil Baby, Online Trolls

Bankroll Freddie “Off The Porch” Interview

We recently linked back with Bankroll Freddie for another “Off The Porch” interview with the Arkansas star! During ur sit own he spoke about his new album ‘From Trap To Rap 2’, learning to be more consistent with his music, his growth as an artist, opening up on his single “Patience”, gifting his mother a new car, the media only posting negative news but not the positive things he does, his thoughts on social media today, shows off his new piece dedicated to Young Dolph, being a huge fan of Dolph before he met him, Dolph reaching out to him before his signed his deal, building a close relationship with Dolph, him jumping of “Drip Like This”, Dolph buying him $7k worth of clothes on his birthday, Dolph encouraging him to keep rapping when he felt like quitting, breaking down when he heard the news about his passing, recording “Letter To Dolph”, dropping “Water” featuring Dolph, his friendship with Lil Baby, being addicted to shopping, his love for fashion, touring with Lil Baby & Lil Durk on the ‘Back Outside Tour’, going up to Detroit to work with Icewear Vezzo on “Pickin Sides”, the inspiration fo this song “Trap Stories” & “One Foot In One Foot Out”, the music scene in Arkansas right now, going viral when he said that he never drank water, shares advice for the youth, how he deals with online trolls, how going to jail earlier this year humbled him, reveals where he is mentally as he fights his case, and much more!

Bankroll Freddie

Interview by Haze

DGB Media

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