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Bimmy on Supreme Getting Life Without Parole, Haven't Spoken Because of 50 Cent Friendship (Part 16)

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Part 15: https://youtu.be/xPJ_kd5YzKE
Part 1: https://youtu.be/LId01qBzivA
In this clip, Bimmy shares his thoughts on the life sentence handed down to his former mentor Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, before weighing in on the fact that Murder Inc beat a money laundering case that stemmed from their relationship with the ex-drug lord. Bimmy stated that the only reason that the members of Murder Inc who were indicted didn’t end up serving time behind bars is because the feds “didn’t want them, they wanted [Supreme].” From there he explains why Supreme taught him that anyone who chooses to take part in the drug game should be fully prepared to do 10 years in prison. As the conversion nears the end, Bimmy explains why he and his former mentor no longer talk. He states that Supreme wishes not to speak to him anymore due to his friendship with 50 Cent and the belief that unflattering things were said about him in string of interviews with various media outlets.

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