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Bobby Cummines on the Eternal Triangle of Violence: Education, Intimidation, Elimination (Part 4)

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Part 3: https://youtu.be/XVv2bYKZXz0
Part 1: https://youtu.be/LxdCecqzF8Q
In this clip, Bobby Cummines spoke about being shipped to various prisons around England due to his reputation for starting riots and being violent, including Pankhurst, where he was locked up alongside some of the most notorious criminals in England. Bobby explained that Parkhurst was “Britain’s Alcatraz,” and he also spoke about being locked up with notorious England gangster Charlie Richardson. From there, Bobby spoke about getting married and starting a family, including two children, and Bobby explained that his marriage crumbled after his second child passed away. Bobby also spoke about working a regular job and getting fired for threatening the manager, which led to him working a string of other jobs. Bobby then admitted that he thought about robbing banks again, but he pointed out that the cameras and other advances in security stopped him.

Later, he spoke about “Kennedy,” a sawn-off double-barrel shotgun named after former U.S. president JFK, which he got when he was just 16. The same dealer that gave him the gun got Bobby a hand grenade, which he initially thought was fake, but later realized it was real. Bobby then went back and got a machine gun, and he explained that the dealer was cooperating with the law. From there, Bobby spoke about talking to inmates after being released and speaking to them about how they could turn their street smarts into real talent in legal jobs when they got released. Bobby then went on to speak about getting married for the second time to a Japanese woman and empathizing with his stepson, who lost his father. To hear more, including Bobby speaking about helping inmates with basic things like getting a bank card when they’re released, hit the above clip.

Cummines detailed his run-in with the infamous Chinese gang, the Triads, and the tense confrontation between them that led to Bobby pulling out a gun on them. This led to him explaining what he considers to be the “eternal triangle of violence” which he deployed during his time spent in the life of crime. Cummines also recounted his time in maximum security prison and the self-regulating nature of housing some of the country’s known killers, which, in many ways, quelled any violence or disrespect between inmates. He also talked about his transition out of crime and moving into more positive ventures at this point in his life.

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