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Boosie Explains Viral Video of Him Confronting Man for B****ing Black Female Hotel Worker (Part 21)

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Part 20: https://youtu.be/zqR1sqpONMw
Part 1: https://youtu.be/QIj58lK4rKA
In this clip, Boozie talks about the viral video clip of him confronting a hotel worker over the treatment of a Black woman. The Baton Rouge native provides more context for the video footage by revealing that the Black woman was a hotel employee who got excited when she saw him and took a quick detour from her job duties with a customer to ask him for a picture. At that point, the customer who she neglected to assist got in her face about attending to his bags. When Boosie saw the way the customer was treating her, Boosie confronted him and threatened to “beat his a*s.” The “Set it Off” rapper maintains that he actually would have if cooler heads didn’t prevail. He states that the reason why he was so passionate about the incident is because the woman he was trying to protect looked scared, and he is a “mama’s boy.”

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