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Boosie Goes Off on Birdman's Brother Terrance "Gangsta" Williams Cooperating with Feds (Part 24)

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Part 23: https://youtu.be/RjRcqvc3774
Part 1: https://youtu.be/QIj58lK4rKA
In this clip, Boosie shares his thoughts on Beyonce’s new album cover, an image where the iconic R&B singer is half naked while sitting atop a crystal horse. To that, Boosie says, “It looks like she got her [breasts] done.” In response, DJ Vlad informs him that Beyonce has had a few surgical procedures done since the birth of her twins back in 2017. From there, a smiling Boosie laughs before stating that he wouldn’t comment any further due to his respect for her husband.

Moving along, DJ Vlad briefs the Baton Rouge native on his business dealings with Birdman and his brother, Terrance “Gangsta” Williams, before discussing a recent interview that he conducted with the latter. To that, Boosie stated that he doesn’t know Gangsta personally but that he is fully aware of his reputation in their home state of Louisiana. At that point, DJ Vlad explained to Boosie that Birdman was mad at his younger brother, Gangsta, for cooperating with the feds about some of their former associates who passed away. In response, Boosie stated that he no longer holds Gangsta in high regard, saying, “Once you go that route, I dismiss you from my legend’s book and x you out.”

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