Boosie on Takeoff's Passing: Rappers Used to be Crown Jewels in the Hood, Now We're Opps (Part 1)

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Part 2:
Boosie came through for yet another VladTV interview, his fifth of the year, and he started off speaking about the passing of Takeoff. Boosie revealed that he was sad when he got the news, and he spoke about making Takeoff laugh every time they saw one another. Boosie explained that rappers were protected as “Crown Jewels of the hood” when he was coming up. However, Boosie said that times have changed and rappers are targeted by police and their own people, which he says calls for a change. Vlad pointed out that he and Boosie are both in their 30s, and he went on to speak about Takeoff not even getting to enter his 30s, as he was only 28 when he passed. Moving along, Vlad and Boosie spoke about dice games, and Boosie stated that he’s the Godfather of hosting dice games at his house. Boosie explained that playing dice at his house is more safe than being outside, which led to Vlad speaking about dice games being notorious for robberies and violence. When Vlad stated that someone like Jay-Z wouldn’t be in a dice game, Boosie pointed out that Migos aren’t at that level yet, and he went on to explain how they are still tied to the streets.

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