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Boosie on Zimmerman Suing Trayvon Martin's Parents: He's Evil, I Wonder How Jurors Feel? (Part 47)

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Part 46: https://youtu.be/pbVeEl7j11c
Part 1: https://youtu.be/OIdHSOHzSrY
In this clip, Boosie reacted to George Zimmerman filing a defamation and conspiracy lawsuit against Trayvon Martin’s parents, which was dropped this year after Zimmerman had failed to show “any fraudulent representation.” Boosie stated that he feels like Zimmerman is “sticking a fork” in the situation because he’s an “evil” person. Boosie also questioned how the jurors in Trayvon Martin’s case feel now.

Moving along, Boosie continued his thoughts on George Zimmerman, and he believes that God will catch up to him. Boosie went on to speak about his upcoming projects on the way, including his pay-per-view event, “Boosie Gone Bad.” To hear more, including Boosie speaking about “Snowfall” and Freeway Rick Ross, hit the above clip.

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