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Bop Menaxe Speaks On How Big Nut’s Death Effected Him, Going To Jail Being The Low Point In His Life

Bop Menaxe “Emergency Room” Interview

We have partnered with creative FoolWithTheCamera to bring you his interview series “Emergency Room”! Atlanta native Bop Menaxe comes by to talk about growing up with both of his parents, his close relationship with his mother, having 7 sisters, being introduced to the streets in 8th grade, witnessing his first shootout, his dad leaving the streets, how Big Nut’s death effected him, moving cautiously, feeling like he is surviving versus living, having a different mentality than others that comes from a different environment, reveals that being locked up recently was the lowest point in his life, how it changed him, trying to make & show a better way for his two sons, and much more!

Interview by FoolWithTheCamera

Emergency Room

DGB Media


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