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Brother Marquis on Miami Men in the 80s Saying They Had "R*** License" (Part 2)

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Part 1: https://youtu.be/vLuxMHbYQ5E
In this clip, Brother Marquis started off speaking about how Uncle Luke joined 2 Live Crew right after him, and he explained that Mr. Mixx was a big fan of Luke’s and appointed him manager of the group. Brother Marquis then detailed being on the “What We Are” album, which featured the hit songs “We Want Some P***y” and “Throw the D,” which Brother Marquis admitted wasn’t the style of rap that he liked. However, Brother Marquis explained that he liked performing the songs and seeing the crowd’s reaction.

During the conversation, Brother Marquis also explained how 2 Live Crew member Fresh Kid Ice permanently injured his arm, and he went on to speak about Uncle Luke putting out MC Shy D, who had the hit song “Shake It,” and Brother Marquis revealed that they’re still in touch today. From there, Brother Marquis reacted to Vlad saying that 2 Live Crew changed the perception of full figured women and made big booties cool back in the 1980s. To hear more, including Brother Marquis reacting to some of his past lyrics, hit the above clip.

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