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Bun B on How 2Pac Almost Kept Pimp C from Doing "Big Pimpin" w/ Jay Z (Flashback)

In this clip, Bun B reacted to Too $hort saying that 2Pac nearly kept Pimp C from getting on Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin'” track. Bun B started off pointing out that 2Pac had passed away before the song came out in 2000, and he went on to explain that Pimp C had a picture of 2Pac on his wall that he would “ask” deep questions. He added that if Pimp C thought there was something that 2Pac wouldn’t do, he wouldn’t do it, and Bun B also revealed that Pimp C was supposed to be on Jay-Z’s “Just a Week Ago.” Bun B explained that the song was coming together during the East Coast/West Coast beef, and neither Pimp C or Jay-Z wanted to travel to record the song. To hear more, including Bun B going into more detail about “Big Pimpin'”, hit the above clip.

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