Chris Childs on Ime Udoka, Phil Jackson & Jeanie Buss, Fined $250K for Punching Kobe (Part 5)

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In this clip, former NBA player Chris Childs shares his thoughts on the New York Knicks’ inability to capture a championship since 1973. He doesn’t believe that the team’s owner, James Dolan, is fully to blame for the state of the organization. Instead, he suggests that the front office, coach, and players also should be held accountable. The former point guard also touches on the organization’s rocky relationship with Charles Oakley. This prompts him to call James Dolan an “egomaniac.” Moving along, Chris dishes on Ime Udoka’s suspension from the Boston Celtics before comparing the situation to Phil Jackson’s past relationship with Jeanie Buss. He also indicates that there are racial components to Udoka’s suspension. Lastly, he reveals how much he was fined for fighting with Kobe Bryant.

Interview by: Coach PR

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