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Curtbone on Alpo & Wayne Perry's Killing Spree in DC, Alpo Cooperating Against Wayne (Part 7)

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Part 6: https://youtu.be/kSmg0Kotp5E
Part 1: https://youtu.be/BCiZ3oiJCpo
In this clip, Curtis “Curtbone” Chambers talks about the infamous killing spree that Alpo and Wayne Perry went on together, throughout Washington D.C. He recalls what it was like hearing about the transgressions while they were going on and he discusses the way in which Alpo flipped on his friend as an informant for the feds. To that, DJ Vlad asks Chambers for his take on the amount of charges that Perry was hit with because of the information that Alpo provided the feds with. As the discussion moves along, Chambers details prison dynamics and explains what it was like for inmates from various locations such as Baltimore, NYC, and Washington D.C., and how they all co-existed with each other behind bars.

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