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DCG Shun & DCG BSavv Speak On The Westside of Chicago, Getting Signed, Viral Music Videos

DCG Brothers “Off The Porch” Interview

We recently sat down with Chicago artists DCG Shun & DCG Bsavv for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation they talked about getting love in Atlanta, the food in LA being trash, the culture on the Westside of Chicago, being blood brothers, BSavv being 10 months older, looking out for each other, Shun playing sports before music, BSavv always being into music, Shun falling in love with rapping after the first time he went to the studio, jumping off the porch in 2016, getting out of the streets when they started to make money of music, doing 12 hour studio sessions on school nights, missing out on $20k because they didn’t know how to monetize their music, getting kicked out of school for being a distraction when their music was blowing up, their breakthrough song “Forever Nitty”, the song blowing up as soon as the music video dropped, Shun writing “Okay” while he was locked up, the video getting a million views in just 2 weeks, linking with No More Heroes, how they came up with the concept for the “Mmhmm” music video, being very creative with their music videos, working with Cole Bennett on “House Party”, labels reaching out to them, the difference between being signed & independent, why they didn’t like living in LA, plans to move to Atlanta, the music scene in Chicago right now, G Herbo reaching out to them, working with him, their new album ‘Jungle Life’, their new music video “Jungle Life”, working with B-Lovee on “In The Raq”, plans to drop another project soon, wanting to get into acting, and much more!

DCG Shun


Interview by Haze

DGB Media

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