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Deep Dive – The Real Story Behind Suge Knight Making a Man Drink Urine (Part 5)

Part 4: https://youtu.be/jwMStBVZR_Q
Part 1: https://youtu.be/aiUOCK0hsUY
In the fifth installment of the”Deep Dive” series, “Murder Rap” filmmaker and co-producer of “Unsolved” Mike Dorsey details the rise of the Death Row vs Bad Boy beef and the infamous Death Row Christmas Party in Los Angeles. Dorsey detailed how Mark Anthony Bell, who went to high school with Diddy, went to the party with his friend that had done several photography jobs with Death Row. Before going to the party, Bell was asked to provide Suge with information about Diddy following the death of his friend Big Jake, which Suge allegedly held Diddy responsible. After Bell declined to provide information when approached at the Death Row offices, he was later asked again at the Christmas party, which led to Bell allegedly being beaten in a private room. To hear more, including how Suge paid Bell $600,000 after the incident, hit the above clip.

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