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DJ Hadouken Speaks On The Mixtape Era, Iron CookUp Producer Series, Explains What DGB Means To Him

DJ Hadouken “Off The Porch” Interview

Last week we sat down with DJ Hadouken for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation he talked about coming from Tulsa, explains how he got his start as a DJ, starting off doing mixtapes, pushing independent artists, shares his thoughts on the mixtape era, explains why mixtapes can’t make a comeback, answers if the mixtape sites should have paid the DJs, moving around to different cities to network, locking in with ChaseTheMoney, his relationship with DGB’s Lil Pooh, transitioning into a producer, launching the Iron Fist Cook Up producer series, producers not getting their respect, explains why he changed his name to Hadouken, moving to Atlanta, explains what Dirty Glove Bastard means to him, and much more!

DJ Hadouken

Interview by Haze

DGB Media

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