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DJ Yella on Eazy-E & Suge Knight Beef Potentially Getting Deadly (Part 24)

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Part 25: https://youtu.be/S2Ebq47xjY0
Part 23: https://youtu.be/iUEhHynWskc
Part 1: https://youtu.be/ouj01q27mtk
In this clip, DJ Yella opened up about never speaking to Eazy-E about rumors that he was forced to sign Dr. Dre out of his contract with Ruthless Records. Yella explained that he remembered a press conference, but he reiterated that he never spoke about business things like that with Eazy. Yella also explained that he felt like he was caught in the middle during Eazy-E and Dr. Dre’s beef, which Yella said was more for publicity and not anything too deep. Moving along, DJ Yella spoke about hearing talks of an NWA reunion before Eazy-E’s death, and he went on to speak about Bone Thugs signing to Ruthless. To hear more, including DJ Yella speaking about Eazy-E showing him that he was $1 million in debt, hit the above clip.

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