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Dr. Myron Rolle on How CTE Impacted Aaron Hernandez and Possibly Made Him Violent (Part 5)

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Part 4: https://youtu.be/A8mooTBL_Ng
Part 1: https://youtu.be/lkBG_kAYxtw
In this clip, Dr. Myron Rolle spoke about starting a family soon after completing his residency. He is now a father of four, including two boys. When asked if he would allow his sons to play football, Dr. Rolle explained the changes that should happen in the game that would make him more comfortable. Some of those changes included shortening the game, waiting until kids are much older to begin playing football, and updating the equipment. He discussed being named to the Board of Directors for the medical tech company Abiomed. Dr. Rolle then recounted the tragic passing of his aunt, who was struck by a car in the Bahamas but explained how preventable her death actually could’ve been.

Lastly, Dr. Myron Rolle talked about living by a philosophy taught to him by a coach at Florida State called the “2% way.” He also discussed the lack of technology to accurately identify CTE in the brain before death and why he believes the disease is used as a blanket statement to dismiss the real-life issues football players face. Dr. Rolle then explained how CTE could impact the violent and aggressive behavior of those who had it, such as Aaron Hernandez.

Interview by: Coach PR

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