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Eddy Curry on NBA Finals Win, Turning Down $400k for 50 Years, Home Invasion (Full Interview)

Former NBA champion Eddy Curry sat down for his first-ever VladTV interview, where he opened up about growing up in Illinois and being an athlete as a kid. In high school, Eddy started excelling at basketball, which led to him being a McDonald’s All-American player. Eddy then discussed his decision to go straight from high school to the NBA draft, which led to him being drafted by the Chicago Bulls. Eddy discussed how Jordan was playing for the Wizards, but his presence was still felt at the Bulls, and Eddy also spoke about having heart issues just a few years into playing in the NBA. Moving along, Eddy spoke about getting married, having kids, and being involved in a home invasion situation where the robbers were arrested. Eddy also addressed having a child outside of his marriage with his best friend, who was later killed, along with their child. To hear more, including Eddy speaking about financial issues and his NBA career coming to an end, hit the full interview above.

Check out Eddy & Patrice Curry’s Podcast ‘Caramel & Chedder’: http://playerstribu.ne/CaramelCheddar

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