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Enrgy Beats Explains How He Created The Flint Sound, Producers Needing To Challenge Themselves

Enrgy Beats “Off The Porch” Interview

We recently sat down with Michigan producer Enrgy Beats for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation he talked about growing up in Beecher, making beats since he was 3 years old, his dad being a rapper & producer, his musical influences, developing his sound during his senior year in high school when him & YSR Gramz dropped ‘Tap In’, challenging himself to create something new, reveals how he got locked in with Rio Da Yung OG, his creative process for creating the beat for “Legendary” by Rio, the song blowing up with over 20 million views, tells the story for how “Coochie” by YN Jay & Louie Ray was created, producing “Free Joe Exotic” by BFB Packman & Sada Baby, getting locked in with EST Gee for “5500 Degrees”, being big on sampling, new placement on the CMG album, creating the beat for Louie Ray’s “CashApp” in his car with Wayne616, explains his creative process, wanting to be more hands on as a producer, how he got his producer tags, how he feels when people ask him to bring back his old sound, other producers making Enrgy Beats type beats, goals, shares advice for upcoming producers, and much more!

Enrgy Beats

Interview by Haze

DGB Media

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