Home Interviews Faizon Love on Chris Tucker Getting $20M for "Rush Hour" (Flashback)

Faizon Love on Chris Tucker Getting $20M for "Rush Hour" (Flashback)

In this flashback, Faizon Love shared his thoughts on Vlad and his former “Friday” co-star Angela Means about bringing back all the “Friday” franchise stars for one last movie. Faizon then explained that while it would be a cool movie, he doesn’t think that the money is there. Faizon then reacted to the late John Witherspoon speaking about Chris Tucker not returning for the “Friday” sequels after getting $20 million for “Rush Hour,” which paled in comparison to the $10,000 Tucker says he was paid for “Friday.” To hear more, including Faizon speaking about calling Tucker after seeing the “Rush Hour” news, hit the above clip.

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