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Faizon Love on Jay-Z Addressing Him, Will Smith Slap, Alpo's Death (Full Interview)

Faizon Love came through for another VladTV interview, and he started off addressing Jay-Z addressing his previous comments in his VladTV interviews on Pusha-T’s “Neck and Wrist.” Faizon explained that he didn’t think that Jay was dissing him on the song, but he admits that he “ruffled some feathers.” Moving along, Faizon reacted to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, and Faizon revealed that Chris Rock is the person who inspired him to get back into stand-up comedy. During the conversation, Faizon also addressed his issues with comedian Kountry Wayne, and Faizon also reacted to the viral interview with Rico Recklezz and Ewol Samo, who described what a “Glock Dookie” is in jail. Moving along, Faizon reacted to Kanye and D.L. Hughley’s back-and-forth on social media, and he also addressed Alpo Martinez’s death. To hear more, including Faizon speaking about Black Lives Matter, hit the full interview above.

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