Freeway Ricky Breaks Down How Undercover Agents Infiltrate Drug Operations (Part 20)

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In this clip, Vlad started off speaking about interviewing former DEA agent Frank Panessa, who went undercover during the “Pizza Connection” investigation involving Sicilian mafia members. Freeway Ricky stated that he remembers the case, and he added that he might’ve ran into some of the members in prison. Vlad explained that Panessa was given the go-ahead to go undercover by Rudy Giuliani, and Freeway Ricky explained how it’s easy to bring someone in through trust and greed. Freeway Ricky pointed out that a “super informant” out of St. Louis tried to get him busted, and he added that the guy reached out after one of his VladTV interviews. From there, Freeway Ricky explained how a referral from a high-ranking person in the streets would lead to an undercover officer infiltrating organizations.

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