Freeway Ricky: DA Has So Much Evidence in YSL RICO Case They May Not Need Snitches (Part 10)

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Part 9:
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In this clip, Vlad started off speaking about the YSL RICO case and the charges against Young Thug after a search on his house, and Vlad also spoke about the lyrics, texts, and social media posts used in the case. Vlad then spoke about evidence being kept secret at this point, which Freeway Ricky said is common and will be released at the latest possible moment. While speaking about the 28 co-defendants, Vlad pointed out that Boosie stated that it’s going to be hard for none of them to “crack.” Freeway Ricky stated that he doesn’t see why they would need anyone to cooperate with the type of evidence the prosecution has revealed so far. Vlad and Freeway Ricky also shared their thoughts on Proffer agreements, which you can hear more about above.

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