Freeway Ricky: Rich Rappers Like Young Thug Rapping about Crimes is Retarded (Part 13)

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In this clip, Freeway Ricky addressed the difference between state and federal RICO cases, and he spoke about the dynamics of federal cases. Vlad then brought up artists wanting to still be in the streets after achieving success in the music industry. Freeway Ricky then revealed that he’s working on a label, but he wants to steer clear of any kind of gangster activity. This led to Vlad speaking about the longstanding beef between YFN and YSL crews and lyrics being tied to an incident related to YFN Lucci’s mom being injured. Vlad then pointed out that if Young Thug pleaded guilty, YFN Lucci’s mom could, in turn, sue 300 Ent. over Young Thug’s lyrics about the incident. Vlad added that this could lead to a domino effect in the industry, and he stated that hip-hop needs to grow up after 50 years. This led to Vlad and Freeway Ricky laughing about 50-year-old gangbangers, and Ricky added that those guys have a lot of power that they don’t know how to use in a positive way.

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