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G Herbo: I Was Risking My Life Going to High School in Chicago (Flashback)

In this VladTV Flashback from 2016, spoke about becoming aware of the violence for the first time outside of his aunt’s house in Chicago at the age of ten. “I don’t even know who it was,” G Herbo recalled as he told the story. “I was across the street in the car. Of course I was ducking…I wasn’t trying to see that s**t.”

Despite all of the violence, none of G-Herbo’s family members have ever moved outside of the city. “My mom, she’s not staying in L.A…Maybe when she gets a little older,” he said. In this clip G-Herbo also talked about how he dropped out of high school during the first semester of junior year. “She went and got my report card – I was at home sleep, of course – and she just saw all F’s in her hand and saw all the days [I was] absent and she told me ‘You might as well stop going,'” he remembered.

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