Home Interviews G Herbo: When I'm in Chicago, I'm in Gladiator Mode (Flashback)

G Herbo: When I'm in Chicago, I'm in Gladiator Mode (Flashback)

In this flashback, G Herbo spoke about leaving Chicago and feeling like it’s “too negative,” which led to Vlad applauding his decision and speaking about other artists in the city falling victim to violence. G Herbo said that he feels like he was in “gladiator mode” every time he went out of the house in Chicago, which he said is no way to live, especially for a rising artist with opportunities. G Herbo also spoke about a violent incident he saw at just 8, which he admits messed him up for a while, and he went on to speak about another incident that happened at school. To hear more, including G Herbo speaking about being targeted, hit the above clip.

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