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George Chidi on How He Predicted the YSL RICO Indictments 1 Month Before They Happened (Part 16)

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Part 15: https://youtu.be/F7-YyZUoR1c
Part 1: https://youtu.be/aPwYi7SXuW8
In this clip, George Chidi and DJ Vlad talk about the concept of “snitching” in hip hop and the real possibility that it may play a role in the way in which some of the rappers who were indicted on the same gang-related charges as Young Thug may have to rely on that tactic to evade a lengthy prison sentence. From there, George Chidi explains why he believes more indictments and charges are coming for rappers who like to rap about the crimes that they commit. Moving along, the Atlanta-based journalist explains why he thinks Chicago gang culture and Drill music have had such a bad influence on Atlanta.

As the conversation continues, George Chidi explains how he was able to predict the massive raid and indictment involving the members of YSL and YNF. He then salutes DJ Vlad for his journalism skills before condemning the majority of the music journalism world for a like of effort and professionalism.

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